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What is toothpict?

toothpict is an iPhone app that helps prevent food-in-teeth embarrassment. It's the world's first social mirror app to help society maintain food-free smiles.

How does the app work?

1. Spot some food stuck in your friends teeth
2. Tap on the sample pair of teeth to indicate what food and where
3. Click to automatically send them an image of their food-freckled teeth (link to a webpage revealing the location of the food in their teeth)
4. Celebrate a good deed done as they can now discretely clean their teeth

Is toothpict also a verb?

toothpict (v) : to point something out in another person’s teeth
  1. "You better toothpict John.. he’s sporting spinach braces right now"
  2. "I got toothpict twice yesterday.. poppy seeds are the worst"

Is there anything like this out there?

Nope. This is the very first of its kind. I guess there wasn't an app for everything just yet.

How much is your app?

$0.00 - available for free in the iTunes app store.

Where did the idea come from?

Our girlfriends seemed to be growing weary of pointing out food in our teeth, so we created a naming system for each of our teeth's grooves. After an especially mischievous night of corn on the cob, we realized we had a problem that our beloved phones might help solve. The idea for toothpict was born.

What foods can toothpict be used for?

Pre-tested and approved for..
✔ Spinach
✔ Corn
✔ Bread
✔ Meat
✔ Tobacco
✔ Seeds

What ways can you send alerts of food-in-teeth?

Text message, email and twitter (for sharing more publicly!)

How does the mirror work?

Users with an iPhone4 will enjoy a tooth-zoomed front facing camera view of their teeth and whatever food has gotten stuck there.

Where can I download the iPhone app?

After we launch, here is the link in iTunes.

Whats the best way to keep up with toothpict?

@toothpict & facebook

Have you taken any investment?

Nope. We've bootstrapped this app with the skill-sets of two gumption-filled entrepreneurs.

How will you make money?

You'll find a few ads in the app, though we are also discussing other opportunities for monetization.

What versions of the iPhone are you compatible with?

Anyone with an iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 4 and above can use toothpict.

When are you going to make the app for blackberry, android, etc?

We are currently working on making the toothpict experience on the iPhone as solid as possible. Only then will we consider other platforms.

If I have a technical problem, who do I email?

(send us feedback, high-fives, ideas for improvement, ways in which we can make this app better for you!)

Who created toothpict?

Two random dudes. Special thanks to our girlfriends for helping keep our teeth clean while the app was still being developed.

Can we peek at some screenshots?

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